Aalborg University

Posted on Mar 22, 2017


The World100 Representative

Bo T. Andersen - Director of Communications

Bo is head of AAU Communication which is responsible for the overall branding of the University and for all internal and external communications, including PR, recruitment of students, graphic design, web, translation into English, etc. AAU Communication connects and coordinates the University’s communication subdivisions into a collaborative matrix organisation, thus aiming to ensure consistent, high quality communication at all levels.
After completing his master’s degree in literary studies, Bo worked as a communications officer at Odense University College of Engineering. Two years later, he was employed at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark where he developed and managed a communications department that integrated the faculty’s branding activities with the social media-based recruitment of engineering students, school liaison activities, PR, student counselling and internationalisation. Bo joined Aalborg University in 2016.


Key facts about Aalborg University


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Associate Member since 2017


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19,000 students


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13% international students from Europe, Asia & Nordic countries


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About Aalborg University

Since its founding in 1974, Aalborg University (AAU), has been providing students with academic excellence, cultural engagement and personal development. It offers education and research within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical and health sciences.


All degree programmes and research activities at Aalborg University are problem and project-based and have an interdisciplinary focus.

Through strong interplay between staff and students and intense collaboration with public and private sectors, we offer degree programmes with a real-world approach and provide world-class research.

This results in new insights, new solutions to societal challenges and knowledge that changes the world.

International Partnerships

Aalborg has an increasing focus on international collaboration, forming networks and alliances globally. These partnerships include 7 key relationships with associations to strengthen cooperation and collaboration within key research and education environments; Sino Danish Centre for Education and Research, ECIU, Nordic Centre, NUAS, BSU, OECD, IMHE and the University of Greenland.  

Notable Research Areas

Particularly distinguished within its Faculty of Engineering, Science and Medicine, US News World Ranking place Aalborg University at no. 21 in the world within the field of engineering, and according to Shanghai/ARWU World Rank, Aalborg University is no. 7 in the world within the field of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Research at the Faculty of Engineering and Science at AAU focuses on creating the basis for more effective, robust and sustainable solutions to central problems that will face tomorrow’s society. The largest area of action encompasses the full breadth of ICT in the fields of computer science, electronic systems, power electronics, manufacturing, energy, materials, robotics, bioinformatics and transport.

In addition, priority is given to the whole range of engineering fields (including material technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology) and to cross-cutting initiatives in the fields of design, social planning and conversion.