University of Helsinki

Posted on Feb 4, 2015

The World100 Representative

Kirsti Lehmusto - Director of Communications and Community Relations

Kirsti's responsibilities include external and internal communication, marketing and digital communication, media relations, university magazines and community relations, comprising partnerships, political relations, alumni activity and fund raising. Her strengths lie in brand building and international marketing. She is a board member of the Finnish Kone Foundation’s Saari RES, which promotes Finnish academic research, arts and culture, and a member of the administrative board of Vanhan kirjallisuuden päivät, The Days of Vintage Literature.

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Key facts about University of Helsinki

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35000 students

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2000 international students

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About University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is the largest university in Finland with 35,000 students spread across eleven major faculties. With over 8000 staff members, four open campuses within the city and collaboration with several hundred national and international institutions, it has grown into the intellectual hub of the Finland. It has an annual budget of over 600 million euros.

The University of Helsinki celebrates its 375th anniversary in 2015. The Helsinki Challenge, a science-based competition and idea accelerator, was initiated to celebrate the Universitys´s anniversary. The competition aims to find solutions to global problems and to increase wellbeing. The year will lead up to a grand final seminar and awards gala on the 12th and 13th of November 2015, with a prize sum of €375,000. Follow the competition on

The University of Helsinki is ranked as the 73rd (Shanghai list) best of the world’s 15 000 universities. It is one of Europe’s top multidisciplinary universities. The university’s goal is to become one of the 50 best universities in the world.

International Partnerships

Through active engagement in research and education with other leading universities across the globe, the University of Helsinki seeks to enhance the quality of its core functions as well to promote its strategic aim to be recognised as a world-class higher education institution. Research collaboration, joint programming, mobility of academic staff and students are all actively pursued with partners in Europe and beyond through H2020, Erasmus+, bilateral arrangements and other applicable programmes and instruments. As a founding member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), the University also promotes basic research and universities’ central role in the innovation landscape.

Notable Research Areas

The University of Helsinki carries out research of an internationally high standard. Research funding, honours and prizes awarded to our researchers are an indication of the wide-spread esteem among the global scientific community.

The University of Helsinki is especially strong in the fields of Space Science, Atmospheric Science, Nanoscience, Cancer, Genetics, Diabetes. Teacher Education, Democracy and Citizenship Participation, Welfare Studies, Russia Studies, Metapopulation Biology, Food Research and Environmental Studies.