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Posted on Feb 5, 2015

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Monique Mourits - Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing

Monique Mourits is Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing at Utrecht University. She has held the position for the past two years and works with her team on strengthening reputation, building strong relation management (including advocacy and funding), international marketing and strengthening the academic community. Monique previously worked in the field of television and media for 20 years for several Dutch public broadcasting companies.

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Key facts about Utrecht University


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About Utrecht University

Utrecht University is an international research university of the highest quality and the alma mater of many leading names, academics and scientists who have made an important contribution to the quality of society.

Utrecht boasts seven faculties, each consisting of a number of departments, and three teaching institutes. These faculties are; faculty of Geosciences, faculty of humanities, faculty of law, economics and governance, faculty of medicine, faculty of science, faculty of social and behavioural sciences and faculty of veterinary medicine.

International Partnerships

Utrecht University’s strategic partnerships at national and international levels have made a significant contribution towards the quality of the University’s education and research. Utrecht believes that in order to achieve research excellence, it is essential to collaborate with renowned universities globally, and does so by organising exchanges between researchers and lecturers, participating in fellowship programmes and providing special chairs for visiting professors.

Utrecht University has an international, university-wide strategic collaboration with a limited number of specially selected international universities: The Utrecht University Partners (UUPs), which includes over 50 educational institutes from Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and South Africa. These international research universities conduct high-quality research relating to one of Utrecht University’s research focus areas and collaborate with various faculties.

As well as collaborations with universities, Utrecht University is also an active member of several renowned international research and teaching networks, co-manages institutions abroad and holds an agreement with the China Scholarship Council.

Notable Research Areas

Utrecht University is the first university in the Netherlands to organise its top research according to strategic themes and focus areas. Each of these brings together high-quality research from a range of research disciplines

The university invested substantially in its four strategic research themes in 2014 - Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies, Life Sciences and Sustainability - so as to reinforce our alignment with the Dutch government’s top sectors policy and the European Societal Challenges programme. In addition, the university selected eleven new focus areas for research. These are intended to serve as a breeding ground for academic renewal and interdisciplinary co-operation.

Utrecht University has attachments to several Nobel Prize award winners. Recipients of the Nobel Prize award who are associated with the University include:

G. ‘t Hooft – Physics, 1999 – ‘To calculate that which is still far out of our reach’

M.J.G. Veltman – Physics, 1999 – ‘What’s in the box?’

P.J. Crutzen – Chemistry, 1995 – ‘In thirty of forty years the hole in the ozone layer will have disappeared’

N. Bloembergen – Physics, 1981 – ‘Laser, a blessing for humanity’

T.C. Koopmans – Economics, 1975 – ‘Helping to combat the crisis’

L.S. Ruzicka – Chemistry, 1939 – ‘Musk, civet and testosterone’

P. Debye – Chemistry, 1936 – ‘Aber das ist doch ganz einfach’

C. Eijkman – Medicine, 1929 – ‘The foundation of the science of vitamins’

R. Magnus – Designated winner in 1927 – ‘Reflexes, posture and balance’

W. Einthoven – Medicine, 1924 – ‘Not a coil but a wire’

W.C. Rontgen – Physics, 1901 – ‘For the entire community’

J.H. van ‘t Hoff – Chemistry, 1901 – ‘Totally absorbed in his discovery’