World 100 in the Media

The World 100 Reputation Network has grown enormously. See below for all of the media mentions we know of:

Times Higher Education 2013 World Reputation Rankings

Beyond the 'super-brands' universities are strengthening their positions

Second World 100 Conference - 15th-16th May 2012 at American University

Big-brand sound is sweeter than Coke, rings truer than Vodafone - Times Higher Education

Choice Factors in International Academic Job Change

What's in a name? Plenty, scholars attest - Times Higher Education

First World 100 Conference - 22nd-23rd June 2010 at the University of Hong Kong

Global reputations at the tipping point - Times Higher Education

Higher and higher: Lofty positions, beneficial outcomes - Times Higher Education

Financial and managerial pressures 'threaten' academic values, says v-c - Times Higher Education

Leader: As one in search of excellence - Times Higher Education Editorial

Survey Questions Impact of University Rankings - The Chronicle of Higher Education

The conference was also covered by the Kong Kong media. You can view the original articles here (.pdf) or see the English translation (.doc).

Website Reviews

Third of world's elite 'bore' internet explorers - Times Higher Education

External Relations Directors and International Directors Survey

Europeans the most keen to make rankings noise - Times Higher Education

Anything we have missed? Please let us know.

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