The World 100 UK Tracker

The World 100 Tracker is a unique university benchmarking tool, providing a 360° view of reputation by national and international audiences. It measures brand impact across world-class universities within the global higher education market. The World 100 Tracker provides a comprehensive management information tool to steer university communications, recruitment, campaigns, and senior management strategy.

The World 100 project team have created an online Tracker to allow all the universities to be measured against one another on key drivers of reputation. Separate surveys will be conducted with critical audiences, such as businesses, staff, students, prospects, opinion formers, agents, parents, teachers etc.

The data is then presented in a highly visual, password protected and accessible on the World 100 website. Each university can see how it compares with the others in the pilot group. Directors can use the report data to brief their own teams or senior management and have a genuine understanding of how their reputation compares with close competitors across critical audiences.

A UK version was trialled in 2017, and is now moving to its third year with 11 participating British universities. The audiences we are reaching number around 20,000 a year, which is bigger than the rankings.

Louise Simpson, Director, writes:

“Every university is interested in benchmarking and reputation - directors want comparative data to underpin strategy and operational decision making, and see a wider view of reputation than by individual surveys or the world rankings. As reputation and HE experts, we’ve been working hard to find a way of analyzing university reputation that is robust, comparable and easy to read. The result is The World 100 Tracker.

We’re delighted to have 11 universities participating in Year 1, after 10 universities helped us test the method and support the tool in our pilot year, 2017. Working with them has helped us identity the audiences that really matter, and the right questions to put to them. We’ve also created a method and highly visual dashboard that will be at directors’ fingertips in the online Tracker because simplicity is also essential. With fresh primary data, as well as the most recent secondary data, directors can analyse their reputation in other ways beyond the rankings, monitor the impact of their own reputational work, and see how they compare with other leading universities. We are also able to combine our international media monitor, Aurora, and Twitter Engagement Tool to create a third dimension of media benchmarking.

As the Tracker has seen a successful pilot year and first year, we are beginning to roll this out to W100 members in other countries.”

If you would like to know more about the tracker contact us here: