World 100 Reputation Academy 2019

Strategic training in Cambridge for Communications, Marketing and International staff in Global Universities


The next World 100 Reputation Academy, an intensive practical reputation training programme will take place in May 2019, in the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge.

The Academy will be held at The Møller Centre from 19-24 May 2019. Small classes will provide an intensive and focused experience, while group project work supports networking and interactive learning, with an optional dinner in a Cambridge College.

"All the sessions were very high quality. But for me, the most useful ones were those with an edge, involving conflicts of interest and demanding solutions to complex issues."


Training will be given on the following topics:

• Reputation and the world-class university
• A strategic approach to planning reputation management
• Developing and researching a brand position
• Stakeholder engagement: internal and external
• Crisis communications
• Brand campaigns and marketing
• Benchmarking, resources and structures
• International mobility
• International partnerships
• Communicating research and priority areas


"All speakers were highly engaging and inspirational. Great role models as communications experts."


Who should attend W100 Reputation Academies?

World 100 Academies are aimed at staff working in communications and international departments of the world’s top 200 universities.


Is W100 Network membership required?

Delegates do not need to be from universities that are members of the World 100 Reputation Network, although W100 members will be given priority booking.


  "I really liked the Academy: great presenters, great location and very friendly and relaxed atmosphere."


Who will deliver the training?

All W100 Academy trainers have in-depth expertise in directing communications, marketing and international relations at World 100 global research universities will lead each session. 

Experts on The World 100 Reputation Academy Training Panel include:

University of Manchester, UK - Alan Ferns, Associate Vice-President for External Relations and Reputation
University of York, UK - Hilary Layton, Director of Global Engagement
The World 100 Reputation Network, UK - Louise Simpson, Director
The World 100 Reputation Network, UK - Mark Sudbury, Head of Global Network Development