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After months of hard work and creative thinking, the new World 100 site is now live.

The latest league table published by Academic Ranking of World Universities shows a higher degree of change from the previous year than is usually expected from this most stable of the global rankings. 

You can see some of the knowledge and impact being delivered by Keio University, one of Japan’s leading universities, with their series of global webinars: Japan and the World in the Era of COVID-19: Considering whether the new paradigm is a crisis or an opportunity.

Coronavirus has changed a lot of things for a lot of people, not least the world’s perception of cleanliness. We are now more laidback about things that used to seem like the most important thing in the world; more conscious of other people’s whereabouts and well-being; more aware of how important our relationships with other people are than ever before. We’re also changing how we work.

As COVID-19 continues to challenge every aspect of universities and life in general, we revisit our Taking the Temperature of COVID-19 survey.

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