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In this webinar, we will explore an ecosystem that allows stories to live longer and reach further – developing a genuine connection with our audience that nurtures a deeper understanding of the positive impact we have in our communities.

We’re excited to tell you more about a major new benefit to World 100 Reputation Network membership for 2021/22. THE (Times Higher Education) will be providing members with a World 100 space in THE Student’s weekly newsletter and website this year for free.

Mark Sudbury, Head of World 100 and Reputation, looks at the 2021 ARWU rankings, overall trends and how World 100 members have performed.

A panel of World 100 members will be hosting a session at THE World Academic Summit looking at how university communications has had to evolve over the past 18 months.

In 2021, it is impossible to discuss the subject of reputation without looking at the impact of Covid19, and this is perhaps another key sign that an institution’s reputation cannot be solely attributable to rankings.

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