For many, the word ‘training’ conjures up an image of something they’d happily avoid. But not all training courses need to fill you with dread – when done properly, they represent an excellent opportunity to get out of the office, expand your knowledge, and gain some fresh motivation.

The World 100 Reputation Academy is an intensive practical reputation training programme that has helped over 100 practitioners from universities around the world to develop a holistic understanding of university reputation. This year’s event takes place in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland, at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and includes a study tour of University College Dublin. But, if a trip to Dublin and the Emerald Isle alone isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve put together five of the key benefits of attending:

1. Learn from those with first-hand experience

One of the best ways we learn in life is through the experiences we have. This is perhaps most relevant when it comes to work; no one is born with the innate knowledge of how to manage the reputation of a world-class university. It’s something experts have learned by doing it on a daily basis and through acquiring knowledge and skills along the way.

At The World 100 Reputation Academy, our training is conducted by reputation leaders in some of the world’s foremost universities. With more than a century of experience between them, our trainers have worked across all the key aspects of reputation and handled practically every situation you can think of – making them the best people to help others learn how to do the same. They have put the theory into practice and can share practical tips on how to develop the most effective reputation strategies.

Reputation Academy: Learn from expert trainers

2. Gain rankings insights from the global data expert

As we discussed in our Five Ways to Manage University Reputation post, rankings have developed a key role in the sector and have, like it or not, become a proxy for reputation. As a result, universities need to think strategically about how they engage with the rankings, using all the insights they can get. The World 100 Reputation Academy allows delegates to do just that thanks to the involvement of Times Higher Education’s Chief Data Officer, Duncan Ross. He oversees a team that generates university rankings and related data products, and was the founder of the THE Impact Rankings, making the chance to hear insights and to pick his brains an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. His session at the academy offers an insight into rankings methodologies and provides inside knowledge on the interaction between rankings, impact, and reputation.

3. Grow your own personal and professional network

Networking with peers is one of the most useful tools in personal development and one of the best reasons to attend any event. By fostering relationships with your peers, you are giving yourself the opportunity to not only learn from those with different experiences and fresh perspectives but also to gain connections that may be beneficial in the future.

The World 100 Reputation Academy moved online in the past two years, and whilst this offered a number of advantages, including access to the same great content, it has undoubtedly limited the networking opportunities of face-to-face events. That’s why we’re so delighted to be able to bring back our in-person academy this year. With the Reputation Academy hosted at a leading institution, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, delegates will have numerous opportunities to engage, formally and informally, with fellow attendees and trainers. What you pick up over lunch or drinks can be just as valuable as formal learning.

Reputation Academy: Networking

4. Share problems and solutions

As we’ve already touched upon, networking isn’t just about expanding the number of contacts in your contact list. It’s about the increased exposure to ideas, experiences, fresh perspectives, and the chance to share common issues and best practices.

Sometimes it can be a relief to know that the issues you face on a daily basis are not unique to you. By sharing these challenges, you can gain access to innovative ways of overcoming them from other people that have been in your position. Our Reputation Academies are perfect for this kind of problem-sharing. Not only do delegates have access to the thoughts of peers and expert trainers, but they can also tap into a 100-strong alumni network based at universities on five continents.

5. Personal growth and career development

The training provided at the Reputation Academy has been designed to support your personal career development by building practical and strategic skills and giving you knowledge and insights to help you step up.  The three-day programme includes small classes providing an intensive and focused experience and includes group exercises to help delegates think practically about how the theory applies to real life situations.

The Academy also offers delegates the opportunity to engage in project work, giving you the chance to not only apply your knowledge in a practical way but to also gain feedback from our trainers along the way. This new knowledge and feedback can also give delegates a new motivation to take back to their role, boosting productivity and strategic thinking.

Reputation Academy: Personal Growth

If you would like to attend the academy, or send a member of your team, tickets are on sale now via our ticketing site or via the link on our website, but places are limited so book quickly. As in previous years, members of The World 100 Reputation Network can book at a discounted rate. This year we’re also offering delegates, regardless of membership status, a 10% discount when they book two places together. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information.