Keio University

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

The World100 Representative

Tomo Sato - Manager, Office for Global Initiatives

Since November 2015, Tomo has served as Manager at the Office for Global Initiatives. Responsibilities include corporate liaison for international affairs, international strategies, overseas public relations and communications and reputation management.

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Key Facts about Keio University


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Research Member since 2014


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33,000 students from over 70 countries and regions


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350,000 graduates from Keio


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About Keio University

Keio University was founded in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa as a small school of Western learning and was Japan's first private institute of higher learning. Over 150 years old, it continues to transform Japan through its contribution to education, research and medicine.

Keio University is founded on the motto of JitsugakuJitsugaku is a way of learning about the world pursued by Keio University’s founder Yukichi Fukuzawa through the application of reason, observation, and verification, and it stemmed from his desire to break free of the Confucian ideals that informed scholarship in 19th-century Japan.

International Partnerships

Keio University has a high focus on international partnerships, with institutional connections all over the globe to form an entirely global collaboration; North America; 61, Central and South America; 4, Oceania; 9, Asia; 73, Middle East; 6, Africa; 2, Europe; 123. Including other partnerships; 6, and Membership in Strategic Consortia; 7, Keio collectively has over 300 international partnerships.

Keio offers 28 Double Degree programs with many other world-class universities including Lund University and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.

Notable Research Areas

Keio University participates in several events throughout the year to communicate the findings of its research and encourage further collaboration and knowledge transfer between Keio and the government, business and industry; KEIO TECHNO-MALL, SFC Open Research Forum, Hiyoshi Research Portfolio and KMD Forum.

Keio is a participant in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Global 30 Project, a “300,000 International Student Plan” to elevate the international competitiveness of Japanese tertiary education while fostering students and researchers on internationalised campuses so as to give them the ability to play active roles in the global arena.