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The reputation of an institution or a brand is vital to its success. Traditionally the responsibility of this reputation falls upon communication and marketing teams, who work hard to portray the desired reputation through activities, messaging, and communications.

Sadly, the hours of planning and work are only one half of the battle. A reputation cannot be formed without the adoption or agreement of your audience. It is their acceptance and belief in what you are saying, and ultimately their relaying of that information that builds an institution’s reputation outside of the university’s four walls.

The World 100 therefore offer a range of media monitoring services that help universities track not only what their audience is seeing, but also what they are saying.

AURORA Media Monitoring

International Media Monitoring

AURORA Media Monitoring

Aurora is the only media monitoring tool tailored specifically for the world’s top universities, enabling them to track their international media coverage. Directors of Communication and Heads of Media Relations at some of the world’s best universities use Aurora to benchmark their organisations against other world-leading institutions.

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Social MediaAnalysis

Social Media Analysis

We collect quarterly data covering a wide range of social media KPIs across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for the world’s best universities.

The SMART tool is free to all World 100 members, giving them the ability to see how their engagement compares to other members and the overall set of 400+ world-leading universities. You can also pay for access to a wider range of data KPIs and comparison to a bespoke competitor set (see below).

If you are interested in finding out more about the social media data available, please contact our Senior Market Insight Analyst at rowen.elliott@theknowledgepartnership.com

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Aurora: Benchmarking international media coverage

Aurora searches for news stories in the first full week of every month.

We search for articles that mention universities who have been ranked in the top 100 of four rankings (ARWUTHEQS, and US News Best Global Universities). We also search for mentions of institutions that are Members of the World 100 Reputation Network.

For quantitative analysis, we simply report the number of records found in the assessment period.

Aurora and Membership

World 100 Reputation Network members receive free quantitative Aurora reports, along with access to a host of other materials.  Interested in finding out more?

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