Inform your strategic decisions with our reputational benchmark and tracking tool.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, maintaining a strong reputation with key stakeholders is an essential part of any institution’s strategy. Knowing how important decision makers, academics, partners and recruitment audiences perceive your university is crucial.

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Now in its 6th year, the W100 Reputation Tracker provides comprehensive longitudinal data. Created in collaboration with universities and customisable to your needs, the W100 Tracker allows members to measure key drivers of reputation with national, international and internal audiences. Results are compared against other Tracker members and a global benchmark group of up to 50 universities,

All the results are presented on an interactive dashboard and updated throughout the year, allowing Tracker members to cut the data to suit their priorities.


“We have a good baseline for moving forward… and to compare with many of our competitors.”

Tracker Member University

Tracker Universities

In 2021 we tracked the reputation of the following universities:

What do we track and who with?

All the questions and audiences are agreed by the participating universities, so it puts the members in control. Examples of the primary research audiences and secondary data metrics that could be included are shown below. Secondary data availability will vary by country.

  • Current Undergraduate Students
  • Current Postgraduate Students
  • Academic and Professional Staff
  • Buisness and Employers
  • Alumni
  • Prospective Undergraduate Students
  • Prospective Postgraduate Students
  • General Public
  • Teachers and Careers Advisors
  • Parents
  • International Academics
  • International Agents
  • Opinion Formers
  • University Rankings
  • Geographic Reach
  • Student Quality
  • Research Power and Impact
  • Applications and Acceptances
  • Continuation
  • Teaching Excellence
  • Graduate Destinations
  • Enrolments
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Rankings
  • International Media Coverage

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As a Tracker member you will receive the following:

  • Bespoke Visual Dashboard
  • Monthly updates on reputation
  • Networking opportunities with other tracker members
  • Analysis of your university in comparison with other universities
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Each Tracker member can nominate key global peers/competitors to be included in a group-defined benchmarking set for the external surveys, ensuring the Tracker delivers the insights you are looking for.

Results are presented in an interactive dashboard where members can explore the results of both primary and secondary data.

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“I'm delighted that the [World 100 UK] Tracker has become a proven tool.”