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Each conference is preceded or followed by a Study Tour hosted by a top global university. Study Tours, available to members only, are two-day visits to a peer university to explore its strategic areas of research, strength, and teaching expertise while soaking up the culture of the city.

Our study tours offer small groups of senior reputation managers the chance to visit peers for strategic discussions at world-ranked universities as well as the opportunity for behind the scenes visits to special facilities. Previous tours have included visits to Boston, Yale, Princeton, NYU, Lund University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Australian National University, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of Groningen, University of Washington and University of Calgary.

Click the image below for more photos from our study tours:

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“Normally you wouldn't really feel comfortable about approaching other institutions and saying...what works about your structure and what doesn't? But having a peer group of people who lead the same function in other universities, and that's the same person I might have sat next to on a bus on the study tour or sat next to at a dinner at a conference....they are the people I feel comfortable going to with these questions and they are really happy to provide that kind of information which has been hugely beneficial”

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