McMaster University

Posted on Jan 26, 2015

The World100 Representative

Andrea Farquhar - Assistant Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs

Andrea leads a team at McMaster that is responsible for strategic reputational management, marketing and media relations, digital media communications, fundraising communications and the alumni magazine, government and community relations, and internal communications. Her early career was in media, where she was a reporter and newsreader.


Key facts about McMaster University


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Research Member since 2013


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27,987 students, 3514 of which are graduate students


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International students represent 98 countries globally


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More than 182,000 alumni representing 134 countries


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About McMaster University

McMaster University is public research university located in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1887 in Toronto through a bequest from the estate of Senator William McMaster, a member of the first senate after Confederation and founding president of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The first three faculties were Arts, Science, and Divinity.

McMaster University’s purpose is the discovery, communication and preservation of knowledge. In their teaching, research and scholarship, they are committed to creativity, innovation and excellence.

International Partnerships

McMaster recognises that a key element of its internationalisation strategy is forging global partnerships – research and educational alliances based on reciprocity, transfer of knowledge and resources, engagement with communities, and a commitment to effective collaboration.
They are involved with projects in over 130 countries, and within those countries have built over 1200 partnerships. 

McMaster University is actively engaged every year in hundreds of international partnerships and collaborations, and these connections include; faculty exchanges, research collaborations, capacity building initiatives, joint supervision of doctoral students, student exchanges and mobility agreements.

Notable Research Areas

With more than 70 research centres and institutes, McMaster University has a high focus on collaborative research within many faculties, and with a particular focus on experimental sciences.

McMaster is collaborating across borders in the advancement of aerospace and earth science research, joining forces with the Operational Space Medicine program at the Canadian Space Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). They have also participated in the North American Carbon program, alongside NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the United States Geological Survey, allowing graduate students to gain experience with field measurements and climate modeling works.