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Dr. William H. StewartAssociate Director, International Cooperation

William H. Stewart is from Chicago, IL, USA, and earned a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature and a minor in Linguistics, which led him to become a Spanish language instructor at a K-12 International School in Seoul in the Republic of Korea in 2008. This marked the start of a career in transnational and international education for the last two decades.

Given his experience in administration, expertise in higher education, international, and transnational education (coupled with proficiency in English, Spanish, and Korean), Dr. Stewart was recruited by Korea University’s Office of International Affairs. In his current role as the Associate Director of International Cooperation, he works to advance the university’s global initiatives.

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With a founding spirit of “national salvation through education” Korea University has grown and prospered for more than 100 years. From its foundation by the Korean royal household in 1905, through Japanese occupation, and into the modern period of rapid economic development, Korea University has been the driving force behind education and social change in Korea.



Mission and vision

  • Founded in 1905 by the Treasurer of the Royal Household, Young-Ik Yi, who believed that educating the young generation was the only way to secure Korea's independence
  • KU is the country's first institution of higher learning funded and administered solely by Koreans
  • KU's mission is to continue to play a key role in shaping Korea socially, culturally and academically

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The university’s academic scope is extensive with its 18 undergraduate schools and colleges, and 23 graduate schools. KU is also renowned for its professional schools of Law, Medicine, and Business Administration.

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