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Vinitha GengatharanAssistant Vice-President, Global Engagement & Partnerships

York University

York is a leading international teaching and research university and a driving force for positive change.

Empowered by a welcoming and diverse community with a uniquely global perspective, we are preparing our students for their long-term career and personal success. Together we are making things right for our communities, our planet, and our future.

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Fostering global fluencies andcross-cultural knowledges

York University has 300+ partnerships in 64 countries including partnerships with industry, governments, non-profit and private sector companies, and other educational institutions. These collaborative opportunities are co-created so that the missions of both York and the partnering organization are advanced in creating positive change for our students and in local and global communities.

Our commitment to collaboration allows us to address complex global challenges to create positive change in the local and global communities we serve. Solidifying existing international strategic academic alliances, and establishing new alliances is key to expanding outreach and engagement with York’s larger communities.

Experience firsthand York’s global impact and engagement. The University prides itself on championing diversity and inclusivity and fostering global fluencies and cross-cultural knowledges. York community lives these values on one of the largest and most diverse university campuses in Canada.

York’s student body includes about 18 per cent international students and also reflects the diversity of Toronto, one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The University draws scholars and exchange students from around the globe, and our students and faculty have opportunities for exchanges and collaborations at our more than 600 partner institutions worldwide.

York ranked No. 1 in Ontario for global collaborative research publications. Over 60% of York’s publications have an international co-author (SciVal, 2020).

Vision and Core Values

York is committed to giving a broad demographic of students access to a high-quality, research-intensive learning environment committed to the public good.
  • We strive for Excellence in fulfilling all aspects of our mission
  • We are Progressive, encouraging open-minded inquiry, innovative approaches, and forward-looking solutions
  • We uphold Sustainability - environmental, social, and fiscal - as a vital compass for decisions and initiatives
  • We are passionate about advancing Social Justice and Equity through critical insight, creative problem-solving, and socially responsible action
  • We champion Diversity and Inclusivity, embracing differing perspectives, peoples, and ways of knowing, and fostering global fluencies and cross-cultural knowledges

Advancing knowledge andcreating positive change


in knowledge mobilization brokered project research funding


in revenue generated by start-ups from Innovation York

York conducts purposeful research that advances knowledge and creates positive change. York is committed to excellence in research and scholarship in all its forms. Informed by a strong commitment to shared values, including promoting social justice, diversity, and the public good, we aspire through our research to better understand the human condition and the world around us and employ the knowledge we gain in the service of society. Intensive engagement in research is a core institutional value that permeates the fabric of the University, and it is this foundation on which York’s vibrant and exciting academic environment is built.

  • World ranking “high” York’s research output ranked “very high” (QS World University Rankings, 2021).
  • No. 1 York is the top-ranked university in Canada for publications on COVID-19 & Mathematical Modeling, with researchers ranked Nos. 1, 3, 4 & 6 in the country (SciVal, 2021).
  • No. 1 York is the top-ranked university in Canada for publications on galaxies, stars & galactic evolution with the No. 1 researcher in the country: Science Prof Adam Muzzin, with 30 publications & a 354-citation count. (SciVal, 2021).
  • No. 1 York ranked No. 1 in citation impact in Nursing & Health Professions (SciVal, 2020-21).

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