Discover the W100: Australia

Discover the World 100 Reputation Network in Australia

The University of Sydney, Australia | Monday 1 July 2019

This free networking event was open to all current and eligible Australian members and offered an opportunity to discuss reputation in Higher Education and current reputation issues facing Australian universities and around the globe.  

W100 shared insights about global university reputation gained through the research undertaken by the network. Recent projects have included how academics fill in rankings surveys, the role of reputation in PhD recruitment and online global university brands. We also discussed new ways of measuring reputation beyond the rankings.


Topics included:

Highlights from W100 research projects, including the role of reputation in PhD recruitment and how academics engage with reputation rankings

Social media evaluation and international partnerships discussion

New ways of measuring reputation

Current challenges for Australian universities

Current Australian members:

Eligible members are universities in the top 200 of the major global rankings and the top 100 of the young university rankings.

Tracy Chalk
Chief Marketing Officer
University of Newcastle, Australia

A senior leader specialising in strategic and structural transformation, Tracy recently joined the University of Newcastle as the Chief Marketing Officer overseeing the centralisation of brand, marketing, communication and student recruitment. This role followed two years at the University of the West of England where she led a complex transformation of marketing, communication, internal engagement, alumni relations and philanthropy. Tracy entered the Higher Education sector at The Australian National University where she spent seven years leading development of the University’s brand and marketing strategies.

Throughout her career, the achievements Tracy covets most include working with the Australian Prime Minister’s Office as the principle brand strategist for APEC Australia 2007, helping shape Canberra’s city brand through the Chief Minister’s Strategic Brand Advisory Board and the Canberra Convention Bureau Board, and helping change the lives of students by encouraging them to take up further study.

Fiona Docherty
Vice President, External Relations

Fiona Docherty is responsible for UNSW’s International, Marketing & Communications Service, which has been created to better support the realisation of UNSW’s strategy through stronger student recruitment, international partnership development and global profiling activity. As Vice-President, External Relations Fiona leads this new and evolving service, supporting the President and Vice-Chancellor to deliver UNSW’s 2025 Strategic Plan and providing leadership to support recruitment of future students, the development of international partnerships and the strengthening of the University’s branding, communications and marketing strategy. Prior to joining UNSW, Fiona worked across the public and private sectors in the UK, across retail, tourism as well as higher education.

Tania Rhodes-Taylor
Vice Principal (External Relations)
The University of Sydney

As Vice-Principal (External Relations), Tania Rhodes-Taylor leads our work to improve coordination of the University’s external engagement activities. In addition to overseeing the University’s engagement with industry and community, Tania has direct responsibility for the University’s Marketing and Communications, Museums and Cultural Engagement, Government Relations, Media, Events and Global Student Recruitment and Mobility.

Prior to joining the University of Sydney, Tania was the Director of Marketing and Communications at Queen Mary University of London where she had overall responsibility for external relations and reputation development. Tania has previously worked in the corporate and government sectors and began her career with Unisys, including a period working in Asia, before moving to work for government agencies and, since 2007, within the higher education sector.

Marc Stears
Director, Sydney Policy Lab
The University of Sydney

Marc Stears is Director of the Sydney Policy Lab. Before arriving in Sydney in 2018, Marc had been Professor of Political Theory at the University of Oxford and Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation, one of the UK’s largest think tanks, where his work often focused on deepening partnerships with community groups who are often overlooked in the policy process.

Between 2012 and 2015, he was Chief Speechwriter to the UK Labour Party, a co-author of the party’s 2015 election manifesto and a member of the Party's general election steering committee. He has also advised a number of commercial and non-commercial organisations on strategic communication, democratic inclusion and community engagement, these have included Coram Young Citizens, Channel 4 television, EY, GlaxoSmithKline, Let Us Learn and Linklaters.

Mark Sudbury
Head of Global Network Development
The World 100 Reputation Network

Mark joined the World 100 Reputation Network in 2017 as Head of Global Network Development. He led communications and marketing activity at University College London (UCL) for nearly 10 years, helping to build reputation and establish it as a global brand.

Mark was one of a small group of Communications Directors who came together to establish the World 100 Reputation Network in 2007, and became its first Chair. He has presented at conferences around the world on university reputation, communications and marketing. He has also played key roles in the networks of Communications Directors at the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and the Russell Group.

Earlier in his career, Mark worked for the UK government where he managed communications around legislation which led to a ban on smoking in public places. He was Head of Public Affairs at the Football Association, the governing body for soccer in England, and started his career at the University of Sussex.