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Mirella Cerato University of Bologna

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Mirella Cerato
Head of Communication Division

Mirella Cerato graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in public and social communication sciences and has studied relationship marketing and Internet marketing in depth at other universities. She is registered as a publicist. Since 2012 she has been in charge of the communication sector, firstly in a specific division of the university dedicated to the third mission, and more recently under the General Director of the University. Mirella deals with fundraising campaigns, branding, and sponsorship issues, and has contributed to the development of the Guidelines for Gender Visibility in institutional communication. She has designed communication plans for sustainability,  student placement, the UN SDGs, the university’s cultural resources, public engagement.

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna is the oldest university in the Western world and has paved the way for innovation thanks to an increasingly rich programme catalogue, cutting-edge research, a convincing third mission strategy and a growing international perspective.

Since its foundation in 1088, the University of Bologna has been student-centred, and, thanks to its five campuses (in Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini) and its Buenos Aires branch, it offers its student a varied course catalogue that is tailored to the needs of present-day society: over 200 degree programmes within its 32 departments and 5 schools.

Its community of more than 85,000 students makes the Alma Mater one of Italy’s largest universities, ranking first in Italy in terms of number of its students in exchange programmes abroad and within the top 5 universities in Europe in terms of number of exchange students. Moreover, the University of Bologna is among the top 5 Italian universities in major international rankings (Shanghai, Times Higher Education, GreenMetric).

The Latest from University of Bologna

A widespread and
sustainable university

The University of Bologna joins International Networks and signs Cooperation Agreements with Universities from Countries across the world, to promote education and scientific cooperation and create mobility and exchange programmes for teachers, researchers, and students.

Mission and vision

The University of Bologna’s mission is to strive to transmit knowledge, experiment with techniques and develop the ideas that will address the transformations of our time. Building on centuries of history and fuelled by an inexorable drive to innovate, the vocation of the University for education and research is rooted at the very heart of our life and autonomy. These pillars are accompanied by a third mission: the maintenance of dynamic relations and exchanges with society as a whole and the world of work.

The education and training of new generations, a passion for culture united with a deep ethical conscience, and the release of synergies from a plurality of disciplines represent the core of the university’s mission and the role of Alma Mater as a major public university.

The following values inspire the university’s strategies and activities:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Engagement
  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility
  • Institutional autonomy
  • Academic Freedom
  • Integrity

The oldest university in the western world


Research and Training Centres


research fellows

For the Alma Mater, research is a central pillar and a fundamental lever for competition and employment, as demonstrated by its widespread commitment to a range of initiatives and activities. Within Europe, the University of Bologna stands out for the wealth of skills and its systematic policies of services supporting researchers and their achievement of important goals. Here below is a list of some of the projects and initiatives involving the University of Bologna.

The University of Bologna is deeply committed to sustainable development and actively contributes to the achievement of the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda. As a comprehensive research university, the Alma Mater invests in multidisciplinary cross-cultural approach to research and teaching, which are considered as inseparable parts of the same unit. In the European landscape of research and academic cooperation, the University of Bologna is surely among the most active institutions. Indeed, it has shaped and maintains alliances with industries as well as public/private organizations, and also represents a crucial hub for international networks with its lively relations with America, Africa, Asia and Australia, that add up to its great networks in Europe.

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