The World 100 Network annual research project always aims to push the boundaries of understanding about global university reputation. The project for the 2022/23 membership year sought to gain some further understanding of the relationship between reputation and the recent focus of many universities on promoting activity around the sustainable development agenda.

How universities can demonstrate the impact of their research, teaching and engagement activities has become critical to success in an increasingly competitive and scrutinised higher education environment.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), published first in 2015, have achieved broad support as a way of measuring progress in addressing key global challenges by governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), businesses and research funders.

Progress against the SDGs is therefore being used increasingly by universities worldwide as a way to demonstrate the impact of their research and teaching, and to build reputations with key stakeholder groups around the positive effect that they have on society.

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This project asked several key questions:

  • What does data from the THE Impact Rankings tell us about the relationship between reputation and sustainable development?
  • What do key stakeholder groups think of the relationship?
  • How are World 100 member universities representing their impact in their communications activity?
  • What is best practice in building reputation through impact and sustainable development?

A few key findings

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PDF Exploring the Relationship Between Reputation and Sustainable Development 2022/2023-  Full Report

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PDF Exploring the Relationship Between Reputation and Sustainable Development 2022/2023 - Executive Summary

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