Fit for the Future: structures and resources for delivering effective reputation management

This survey aims to build a picture of the approaches to reputation management being taken by the world’s best universities and the resources they are deploying. The purpose is to provide global benchmarks to help leaders develop their operations. The results of this survey will be compared to previous iterations completed in 2007, 2015 and 2020, providing insights into global trends.

The project is being delivered by the World 100 Reputation Network – a group of 50 of the world’s best universities spanning 13 countries, managed by Times Higher Education. The network focuses on membership engagement opportunities, research, communications evaluation and training. More information about the Network is available at

The summary findings will be available to all those who complete the questionnaire. A more detailed report is available to members of the W100 Network. Further details of W100 Research projects are available at Research Projects – The World 100.

This survey is being sent to leaders in reputation management / communications / marketing at universities in the top 200 of the leading global rankings. We are also conducting focus groups and interviews with members of the World 100 Reputation Network, please email if you would like to be involved in an interview or focus group. The findings will not be attributed to individual universities or respondents. But it will help us if you provide your name and university, so that we can analyse findings in more depth and explore if there are correlations or patterns; it will also allow us to ask you for more detailed explanations or examples where that is necessary or useful.

All results will be anonymised. 
Please note: This survey is intended to be answered by the person with the most senior role in reputation management at your university

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Respondents of the survey can compare their university’s results on:

  • Reputation staff numbers (crisis communications, brand, marketing, rankings, international etc)
  • Operational budget
  • Salaries for senior reputation leaders
  • Key performance indicator
  • Trend data - developments in spending on university reputation

What will you receive?

For every university that answers the survey, we will send you a report of the findings, so that you can benchmark the amount you spend on reputation and the way your structure your teams against other world-class universities.

Resources and Structures survey 2020

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