The World 100 Trackers

A 360° view of reputation. National. International.

The World 100 Tracker is a unique university benchmarking tool, providing a 360° view of reputation by national and international audiences. It measures brand impact across world-class universities within the global higher education market. As a comprehensive management information tool, it helps steer university communications, recruitment, campaigns, and senior management strategy. The audiences we are reaching number around 20,000 a year, which is bigger than the rankings.

For global universities wanting a national view of reputation against national peers.

These country-specific Trackers measure university members against each other on key drivers of international reputation.

The first of our National Trackers is The UK Tracker, now in its third year.

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For global universities wanting an international view of reputation against international peers.

Completely international Trackers allowing the members to be measured against each other on key drivers of international reputation.

The Pilot International Tracker will run as the 2019/20 membership project.

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A Tracker specifically tailored for leading international Business Schools – independent schools and those within wider institutions.

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What do we track and who with?

All the questions and audiences are agreed by the participating universities, so it puts the members in control of the Trackers. Examples of the primary research audiences and secondary data metrics that could be included are shown below. Secondary data availability will vary by country. 

Primary audiences:

Secondary data: