CV19 – taking the temperature of the crisis

Q1: How affected has your university been by CV-19 this month?

Q2: How good has your communications response been to the crisis this month?

Q3: Which areas has the university been very good or less good at this month?

Q4: Were you and your team, as reputation professionals, more or less valued by your university this month?

Q5: What budgetary impacts has your team experienced this month?

Q6: Which areas and audiences felt more of a priority this month?

Q7: What has been the biggest operational challenge for your team in responding to the CV-crisis this month?


Q8: What do you anticipate being the biggest challenge next month for your team in responding to the CV-crisis?

Q9: What have you and your team done really well this month in responding to the CV-crisis?

Q10: What has been your biggest point of learning this month in terms of how you need to improve reputation management as a university?