The International Tracker: 2019/20

Stemming from the UK Tracker’s success, we are excited to introduce the World 100 International Reputation Tracker - a reputation tracking tool surveying key stakeholder audiences, allowing World 100 members to benchmark themselves against each other. 

The International Reputation Tracker pilot will include five audiences for primary research (current students, staff, alumni, international agents and prospective international students) and a range of secondary metrics.

Why sign up for the International Tracker? 

Estimated audience responses of 50,000+

Over 50 engaged W100 member universities in 12 countries to benchmark against

Greater reach and variation than world rankings

Less expensive than bespoke market research or QS/THE data surveys

Instant access online tool

Improved stakeholder engagement through database auditing and regular survey contact

Control of the reputational agenda, questions and the process (unlike the rankings)

Management insights with regular data

Results will be updated into an interactive dashboard where members can explore the results of both primary and secondary data. You can view a sample of what the Pilot International Reputation Tracker might look like here or examples of potential dashboards can be seen below: 

Example of All Members Table

Example of UK and Australian Members Table

Example of Rankings

The pilot study will form the basis of the 2019/2020 World 100 Membership research project. The pilot will close in the summer of 2020 with a summary of all data collected for each W100 member.

But why are we calling it a pilot?

Because we want to get it right. By piloting the tool we can discover the potential of reputation tracking globally as well as improve it in the future and see what members would keep or change about the tool.


When will the tracker launch?

In order to get the best data for 2020, the primary research will start in April. Therefore if you want to be involved you need to get in touch by the 31st March at the lastest or you will miss your chance.

International Tracker Timetable

For more information about The International Tracker, or any other W100 research projects, including the MBA Wizard and W100 Twitter Engagement Rank, contact Lisa Bould at