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How can universities leverage their pandemic reputation boost?

In October 2022, Head of The World 100 Reputation Network, Mark Sudbury contributed to an article for Times Higher Education. The piece explored whether universities were able to achieve a reputational gain during the COVID-19 pandemic, primarily through related research. This topic was also the focus of The World 100 Reputation Network’s research in 2020/2021, giving Mark a unique perspective within the discussion.

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Government engagement as a driver for future reputation

A key session at the World 100 Reputation Network annual conference in Montreal in October 2022 focused on how universities are engaging with governments in the post-pandemic world and using those relations as a key driver of institutional reputation.

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How do universities stand out? Emerging findings from the W100 research project

We explore some initial results from 2021/2021 World 100 research project from the first audience surveyed, global academics

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Rankings Watch: China continues its rise

Mark Sudbury, Head of World 100 and Reputation, reviews the 2022 Shanghai Rankings (AWRU) trends and how World 100 members have performed

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Commonwealth Games: A case study in higher education marketing

If you watched the 2022 commonwealth games, even if just for 15 minutes, you won’t have failed to notice the prominent marketing of a certain Midland-based university. World 100 member, The University of Birmingham, was front and centre of nearly every shot of the sporting action.

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FAQs: The World 100 Annual Conference, Montréal 2022

A list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) containing everything you need to know about The World 100 Annual Conference in Montréal

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Rankings Watch: Progress of W100 members reversed in QS rankings

Mark Sudbury, Head of World 100 and Reputation, reviews the 2023 QS world rankings, overall trends and how World 100 members have performed.

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Rankings Watch: Flying High in Asia

Mark Sudbury explores the movers and shakers in the 2022 THE Asia Rankings, including the performance of The World 100’s Asian members

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What’s trending in reputation?

Head of World 100 Mark Sudbury discusses some of the trends in global higher education reputation emerging from discussions at recent conferences, helping to set the scene for our conference in October

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REF 2021: Performance, reputation & impact

This week saw the long-awaited publication of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 results, more than seven years since the last exercise (REF 2014). Undertaken by representative higher education funding bodies of the four nations of the UK, it the most comprehensive evaluation of the research impact of UK universities.

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2022 Impact Rankings: Three Key Insights

With the rankings still in their relative infancy, there was a change in the methodology for 2022 to include SDG 17 ‘partnerships for the goals, and, as a result, we have a lot more movement in the rankings compared to the more established world rankings tables. We look at a few of the key trends and observations of this year’s release and explore what the future may hold for them

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Rankings Watch: All Change in the Impact Rankings

Mark Sudbury, Head of World 100 and Reputation, looks at the 2022 impact rankings, overall trends and how World 100 members have performed.

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