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2024 World 100 Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce that this year’s World 100 Annual Conference will be hosted by the University of Birmingham on 10 & 11 October

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A challenging year for university reputation management

Geopolitical tensions and freedom of speech issues are testing universities the world over. To successfully manage their reputations, they must avoid getting distracted by all the noise, says Mark Sudbury

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The gathering of more than 100 leaders at Abu Dhabi University for the inaugural THE MENA Reputation Forum produced a day of debate and sharing, adding a particular Arab World flavour to the global discussion about higher education reputation.

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World 100 member CityU is world’s most global university

The results, announced on 24 January, reflect the important role of global reputation, with data from THE Academic Reputation Survey focusing on votes from outside a university’s home country representing 25% of the total score in this ranking.

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Reputation and Student Recruitment – a personal take

Mark Sudbury, Head of The World 100, shares his thoughts on how reputation played out for him as a parent during the process of supporting his son applying to study at university (in the UK).

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Rankings watch: Major volatility in latest QS Rankings

Mark Sudbury, Head of World 100 and Reputation, reviews the QS World University Rankings 2024

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Reputation at the top table of university leadership webinar: Key themes

The World 100 shares the key themes from our Reputation and external relations at the top table of university leadership webinar

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Webinar: Measuring reputation in Higher Education

This webinar will explore some of the latest trends in the measurement of reputation, with World 100 member universities sharing their experiences.

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Five reasons to attend the Reputation Academy

The World 100 Reputation Academy is an intensive practical reputation training programme that has helped over 100 practitioners from universities around the world to develop an holistic understanding of university reputation. We’ve put together five of the key benefits of attending.

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Five ways to manage your university’s reputation

The World 100 was set up to help the world’s best universities improve and manage their reputations. As a result, we’ve accumulated years of knowledge on the key ways to do so and, although we can’t share them all, we’ve narrowed it down to five key areas that can help you see the biggest impact.

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Rankings watch: Most international universities

Mark Sudbury, Head of World 100 and Reputation, reviews the most international universities in the world ranking from Times Higher Education

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Webinar: Reputation and External Relations at the Top Table of University Leadership

Our invitation-only interactive webinar brings together specialists in reputation management with tangible experience in getting these discussions happening at the most senior levels and how this can impact your whole reputation strategy.

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