Social media is a key element in not just university marketing strategies but in marketing strategies across all sectors. But why? Reputation. Social media tells the world who you are. It showcases what’s important to your university, what information you share, your key messaging, and in more recent times, how your institution handles a crisis. But more importantly, it also tells you how people feel about you.

No other platform gives brands instant feedback like social media does. One way in which this feedback presents itself is through the engagement of your audience. Whether they mention you directly or just like or share a post, this engagement shows whether they like and agree with what you have to say or whether they don’t. This means that social media is a direct source for public opinion and thus reputation.

With this in mind, we have introduced a new social media aspect to our membership in 2020/2021. World 100 members can now access a personalized SMART (Social Media Analysis for Reputation Tool) dashboard that tracks how their social media platforms fare compared to other World 100 Reputation Network members and leading world universities. The quarterly report shows how engaged your audiences are across the main social networks, as well as comparing how active your institution is on four of the biggest platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Go To the Dashboard

Use your W100 Data Login to access the SMART dashboard (the same one that you use to access the UK or International Tracker).

Each individual has their own login, if you don’t have one yet please contact to set one up.

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SMART Webinar

Following the launch of the World 100 SMART Tool, we hosted a webinar to help you get the most from this new initiative for World 100 Reputation Network members.

Our experts demonstrated the full functionality of the tool, how to navigate the member dashboard, as well as showcasing the new AURORA dashboard and the SMART bespoke report product.

Members of the World 100 Network may access a recording of the webinar via the button on the member dashboard.

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How this data can help shape your marketing activity

The insights gained from The World 100’s Social Media Analysis can be used to supplement marketing and communications strategies. By learning more about the levels of engagement your profiles receive, you can examine how audiences are interacting with your content and whether or not your content is hitting the right notes as well as the right people.

The SMART tool is free to all World 100 members, giving you the ability to see how your engagement compares to other members and the overall set of 400+ world-leading universities. You can also pay for access to a wider range of data KPIs and comparison to a bespoke competitor set (see below).

example of social media analysis

Bespoke Social Media Analysis

The report included with World 100 Network membership covers only a selection of KPIs. The full list of metrics available for bespoke reporting is included in the dashboard. We can also create a bespoke competitor set for comparison comprising any of the 400+ world-leading institutions in our dataset. Bespoke reporting can cover all four social channels or focus on the one(s) you are most interested in. Click here to view an anonymised sample bespoke report created for a real client looking for insights specifically for Twitter. Contact for more information.

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