In October 2021 we launched a new benefit of World 100 Reputation Network membership for 2021/22 that allowed members to feature student-focused content on their THE Student platform for this year only!

So what exactly does our offer include?

As part of your membership, your institution will have the opportunity to secure content featured, for free, on THE student website and promoted directly to more than 160,000+ recipients of the weekly THE Student newsletter. This content will promote an aspect of your university to students all over the world. Whatever angle you choose, whether it’s the quality of your student experience, a scholarship you have introduced or your university’s employability, your content will help promote your institution and differentiate it from your competitors.

How it works?

The World 100 work with members and their student recruitment team to produce the student-facing article. The piece then features in an edition of the weekly THE Student newsletter and be distributed to potential students and parents, worldwide.

The articles:

To date, the pieces submitted by World 100 members have covered topics such as work placements and opportunities, sustainability challenges for students, and more. You can access the previous World 100 member articles below:

How solving real-world problems enhances students’ employability

Read The University of Sydney's article

Building bridges between university life and the workplace

Read Concordia University's article

How McGill University’s students are leading the way to a more sustainable future

Read McGill University's article

Co-creative students thrive at Kyushu University 

Read Kyushu University's Article

This aspect of membership is available for this year only, and will only be available commercially with THE after September 2022. To find out more email or renew your World 100 Reputation Network membership below.