Riding the Tiger – International Partnerships research published

Posted on Dec 17, 2019

W100 members recently received the final report of this year’s annual research project on the role of reputation in international partnerships, which follows our surveys of leaders in global engagement and communications/marketing at top universities.

The report is entitled Riding the Tiger, reflecting key findings that international partnerships provide great opportunities – often under-exploited at present – to build global profile; whilst also presenting a risk that they will turn around and bite you, if partners suffer reputational damage.

In addition to analysing the survey responses from more than 70 top 200 universities, the report provides a series of case studies illustrating how universities are stepping up to the challenge of exploiting reputational benefits from partnerships.

Another key finding was the need for International / Global Affairs offices to be working more closely with Communications and Marketing operations to maximise the impact of

To explore this theme further, we are planning to hold the first W100 Reputation Webinar, giving members an exclusive opportunity to share experiences and delve deeper into the research findings. To register your interest in the webinar, to be held in the New Year, please email info@theworld100.com.