Aurora: Benchmarking international media coverage

Aurora is the only media monitoring tool tailored specifically for the world's top universities, enabling them to track their international media coverage. Directors of Communication and Heads of Media Relations at some of the world's best universities use Aurora to benchmark their organisations against other world-leading institutions.

Available to Research Members of the World 100 Reputation Network, AURORA is a tool that monitors English-language on-line international media on a monthly basis. There are two levels of analysis:

Quantitative - data is gathered on the number of English-language article that appear in on-line media in the assessment period for all universities that are in the top 100 of the four main rankings (free to all Research Members)

Qualitative - an in-depth analysis on the content, tone and reach of these articles (available only to subscribers)

See below for Aurora's features and a summary of the methodology. For more information, please contact Rowen Elliott (


Aurora features

(free to Research Members)
(subscription required)
Track the number of articles found in the assessment period for your institution on a monthly basis
Compare your data with data from the top 100 universities around the world
See annual trends
Receive a breakdown of which publications articles appeared in
Assess articles for positive or negative tone
Analyse the types of stories that have been published (eg research, world news, current students etc)
Find out where your international audience is located and track changes on a monthly basis
Analyse impact scores against number of articles (a measure of quality)
Compare impact scores for your university with those of other subscribers
Instant access to URLs of all the articles found



Assessment period

Aurora searches for news stories in the first full week of every month.

Eligible organisations

We search for articles that mention universities who have been ranked in the top 100 of four rankings (ARWU, THE, QS and US News Best Global Universities). We also search for mentions of institutions that are Research Members of the World 100 Reputation Network. This totals around 175 universities.

Publication criteria

Aurora is used for measuring international reputation. We use to determine the world's top 200 English-speaking on-line news and science sites that have more than 50% of their audiences outside the country of origin of the eligible institution. is also used to rank the publications using their readership statistics - the higher the readership, the higher the ranking.

For quantitative analysis, we simply report the number of records found in the assessment period. For qualitative analysis, two readers independently read each article, and score it. An adjudicator ensures there is agreement between the readers.

Scoring articles

Each article is read by two independent readers and scored for visibility (how prominently does the article feature in the publication?); amplification (how well does it promote the university?); tone (is it a positive or negative article?); and reach (how big is the audience?). These are multiplied together to give an overall impact score.

For more information about Aurora, including a detailed methodology and product demonstration, please contact:

Rowen Elliott