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Keio University

Keio University

Keio University is Japan’s first modern institution of higher learning. Founded in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa, a highly respected educator and intellectual, it has distinguished itself over the last century and a half as a leader of education, research, and medicine in Japan. Keio continues to be guided by Fukuzawa’s principles on practical learning, in particular the need to think for oneself to identify problems and to formulate and test hypotheses to form solutions. Keio encourages its students to adopt this empirical approach in education, research, and medicine to propel the humanities and sciences forward.

Keio has 10 undergraduate faculties and schools, 14 graduate schools, and a highly reputable university hospital. The university also maintains 30 research centers on its six main campuses across the greater Tokyo area. These campuses are home to approximately 29,000 undergraduate students and 4,500 graduate students. Keio highly values its presence internationally, with over 300 partnerships with universities and organizations in more than 70 countries and more than 1,900 international students. Keio offers a wide range of programs for international students, including a full-time Japanese language program, 23 degrees taught in English, and 32 double degree programs with prestigious partner institutions around the globe – more than any other Japanese university

Alumni are renowned throughout Japan and around the world, with a number of distinguished entrepreneurs, politicians, and academics have studied at Keio. Keio is particularly proud of its alumni and the strong ties it maintains with its graduates. Keio is committed to further social contribution and better international visibility to bolster its position as a world-leading research university. Under the Top Global University Project, Keio has integrated its academic and research strengths into the three transdisciplinary initiatives of Longevity, Security,
and Creativity. Centered around these initiatives, Keio is strengthening collaborative ties with the international community through active joint research, co-supervision of students, and academic exchange, and pursuing interdisciplinary, international, and cutting-edge research to contribute towards the advancement of global society.

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