W100 member UNSW Sydney has brought a global alliance of top climate change researchers together to provide a global platform for universities to communicate climate research with authority.  

The International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA) brings together 47 of the world’s leading climate research institutions, including 12 members of the World 100 Reputation Network. 

IN addition to UNSW Sydney, other W100 members are Arizona State University, King’s College London, McGill University, National University of Singapore, and the Universities of Edinburgh, Exeter, Helsinki, Leeds, Manchester, Melbourne, and Southampton.  

The alliance is focused on ensuring governments, the public, media, and industry have better access to research-based facts on climate change science, impacts, adaptation, and mitigation. 

UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian Jacobs, said: “The climate alliance will elevate the voices of exceptional researchers by providing a new, global platform for universities to communicate climate research with authority internationally. 

“This new platform is needed now more than ever as the world grapples with providing a coordinated approach to tackling climate change.” 

Key activities of the alliance will include: 

  • Coordinating multidisciplinary teams of climate researchers to identify important research not currently communicated effectively amongst the general public and develop accessible content or guidelines for policymakers, media, and advocacy groups to utilise.  
  • Issuing joint statements highlighting aspects of research policymakers & industry could harness more effectively to accelerate climate action.
  • Curate and share best practice research from member universities amongst the media and broader community in response to climate change-related activities happening globally. 

Those W100 members already involved may want to ensure that comms teams are aware of the work of the Alliance, and to engage with their own climate researchers involved with the initiatives. 

Other universities will no doubt be watching the progress of this important initiative, which is rooted in the importance of good communications and international collaboration. 

For further information contact: universitiesforclimate@unsw.edu.au  

For the latest climate research visit  www.universitiesforclimate.org or find us on twitter @unisforclimate