The World 100 research project for 2020/2021 will explore how universities have used the visibility of COVID-19 research to build profile.

The research, which will continue over the next few months and report in September/October, aims to explore three key questions: 

  • How well do key audiences understand the role of universities in supporting Covid-related scholarship – epidemiology, treatments, vaccines, behavioral psychology, economic impacts/recovery? 
  • Has the visibility of high-profile academics translated into reputational benefits for their universities? 
  • What’s the impact of negative views of science or COVID-19 related research during pandemic (herd immunity, anti-lockdown feeling) on universities? 

Key elements of the research will include undertaking public polling in a number of countries, surveying global academics, and collecting research evidence from around the globe. 

We will also explore the experiences of W100 membersand particularly those teams involved with promoting research – to understand your experiences during the pandemic. 

We aim to interview media relations and research promotion leads and to survey others. Look out for further details of this shortly or let us know at if you would like to volunteer to be involved. 

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