Times Higher Education’s World Academic Summit is only a few weeks away, on the 1-3 September, and we’re excited to share with you the details of The World 100 hosted session.

The theme of the summit is ‘How powerful is place’ and in keeping with that, a panel of World 100 members will be hosting a session at the event on 2 September looking at how university communications has had to evolve over the past 18 months.

Wish You Were Here: How the pandemic, and where you are in the world, has changed university communications

The huge changes affecting the higher education sector during the Covid-19 pandemic have impacted on the way universities communicate with their key audiences. Whilst face-to-face communications have traditionally been seen as the 'gold standard', the move to online has produced benefits, and many institutions have developed innovative and effective new approaches. Meanwhile, where a university is located has also had a major impact on how it communicates with the pandemic affecting countries in very different ways. This session will explore, with leading global university communicators, the latest trends in how universities are engaging during the pandemic.

The World 100 Panel

David Estok
jane chafer - University of Exeter
Mark Sudbury

David Estok
Vice President Communications
University of Toronto

Joanna Lowe
Marketing and Communications
University of Sydney

Jane Chafer
Director of Marketing, Recruitment, Communications and Global
University of Exeter

Chair: Mark Sudbury
Head of Reputation & The World 100
The World 100 Reputation Network

Topics will include:

  • How university communications has adapted to the pandemic (drawing on experiences of participants and data from W100 Taking the Temperature Covid survey)
  • Innovative approaches to moving communications online
  • Different experiences of university communications driven by pandemic impacts:  N America / Europe strongly focused on the impact of lockdowns; Australia by international travel bans

If you haven’t already done so, it’s not too late to book your ticket for THE’s World Academic Summit in a couple of weeks. Don’t forget World 100 Members can get one free ticket to the summit and a 30% discount for further colleagues who wish to attend. We will share these codes with you but if you have any issues let us know at info@theworld100.com