A workshop from the 2017 Utrecht Conference on developing relationships with industry to strengthen global influence, hosted by Dasha Karzunina, Market Insight Manager, QS Intelligence Unit.

QS has always felt that a university’s standing with global employers was an important measure of institutional performance and global influence. Universities are more and more likely to be judged on the employability of their graduates, with university rankings increasingly including employability as a metric and students increasingly choosing to study abroad in the pursuit of better employment prospects. In turn, rankings results further impact institutional influence. The question is then how universities can best engage with employers in a meaningful way, in order to strengthen their influence? This session explored this question in detail and provided practical take-away points for institutions.

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2017 Utrecht Conference: Day 2 Workshop 4 - Connecting with Employers and Industry as a Way to Strengthen Global Influence - Dasha Karzunina

As Market Insights Manager in the QS Intelligence Unit, Dasha combines a largely public-facing role with extensive involvement in the unit’s research, analysis and rankings. She holds many responsibilities, managing a team of three to deliver on new qualitative and quantitative research projects, running the world’s biggest Employer Survey and publishing leading reports on international student motivations, and promoting QS as a think tank through our research work with clients in the US, Australia, Europe and Mexico.

Leading on key partner and client relationships, she regularly liaises with university officials and presents new research at global higher education conferences. Dasha specialises in market insight, executing research projects through focus groups, interviews and surveys with students, academic and employers worldwide. The research contributes to the QS thought leadership and provides important insight for higher education leaders on current issues affecting the sector.

If you want to find out more about attending this year’s conference please visit our conference page or get in touch via email.