A plenary from the 2017 Utrecht Conference on University of Glasgow's strategic reputational initiatives, with a specific focus on staff and stakeholders, hosted by Rachel Sandison, Vice Principal, External Relations, University of Glasgow.

A case study on change management and strategic communications to support the University of Glasgow’s bold future ambitions. The session outlined the why, how and now of a number of strategic reputational initiatives that have been developed successfully at the University of Glasgow – brand development, global profiling, communicating research excellence and fundraising – under the umbrella of the University’s 2020 Strategic Plan – “Inspiring People, Changing the World”.

“The University seeks to differentiate itself in a global context and this can only be achieved by using and reinforcing consistent evidence-based messages in the relevant language and media for each of our target audiences” Professor Andrea Nolan, Senior Vice Principal and Deputy Vice Chancellor.

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2017 Utrecht Conference: Day 2 Plenary 4 - Masterminding Metamorphosis: Taking Staff and Stakeholders in a Bold New Direction - Rachel Sandison

Rachel Sandison is Vice-Prinipal, External Relations at the University of Glasgow. Previously, she held the roles of Executive Director of External Relations and Director, Marketing, Recruitment & International Office (MaRIO) at the university, where she has responsibility for leading an integrated service covering Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions, International Affairs and Development & Alumni Relations. Rachel is also the University’s Universitas 21 network Senior Leader.

Rachel is a Chartered Marketer; Chair of the Glasgow Economic Leadership HE/FE Marketing group; and a member of CASE’s US Commission in addition to sitting on a number of sector advisory boards. She is also a member of Faculty at the CASE Europe Strategic Marketing Institute and a current School Governor.

Previously, Rachel was the Director of Marketing, Student Recruitment and Alumni Relations at the
University of Aberdeen, UK.

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