A workshop on crisis communications and university responsibility, led by Tania Rhodes Taylor, Vice Principal (External Relations) for The University of Sydney during the 2018 UBC conference.

The University of British Columbia, Canada, hosted the 2018 annual conference, attracting university leaders from around the world.

It used to be that a crisis was an occasional event that you hoped to get to the other side of with your community safe and your reputation intact. Global and social upheavals are having a significant impact on perceptions of the responsibilities of Universities; for many working in HE, this challenge has resulted in crisis management becoming normal rather than an exception. What can we do to equip our teams to adapt to this new reality? We will explore some of the steps universities are taking and how a new approach can have positive results for a university’s reputation.

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2018 UBC Conference Presentation: Workshop 6 - Brand Building Through Difficult Times; Why a Crisis Doesn’t Have to be a Disaster - Tania Rhodes-Taylor

Tania joined University of Sydney (USYD) as their first VP of External Relations during 2017. USYD, Australia’s first university, is ranked in the top 50 universities globally, is probably the most comprehensive university in Australia, and has over 65,000 students, of which 42% are international. Her portfolio includes marketing and communications, industry and community engagement, government and media relations, museums, events and student recruitment and mobility. Tania leads their work to improve coordination of the University’s external engagement activities. In addition to overseeing the University’s engagement with industry and community, Tania has direct responsibility for the University’s Marketing and Communications, Museums and Cultural Engagement, Government Relations, Media, Events, Admissions and Global Student Recruitment and Mobility. Tania has worked in Higher Education for 11 years and was at the IOE and QMUL in London prior to Sydney. Her earlier career was spent in industry with extensive experience in Asia and the United States.

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