A plenary on how to differentiate a university brand using social media, given by Naqaash Pirani, Principal Consultant at Hootsuite, at the 2018 UBC conference.

The University of British Columbia, Canada, hosted the 2018 annual conference, attracting university leaders from around the world.

In this session, Naqaash Pirani, Principal Consultant at Hootsuite, will share insights on how to differentiate your University’s brand using social media. The presentation will begin with a discussion of Digital Differentiation and why it is critical for competing in today’s higher education environment. From there, he will address three proven tactics for differentiating on social media: Student Engagement; Brand Protection; and Social Executives. Throughout the presentation, insights and recommendations will be shared with the group based on their responses to Hootsuite’s Social Maturity Assessment. The presentation will also contain examples of social media good practice from top global universities.

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2018 UBC Conference Presentation: Plenary 6 - Digital Differentiation - Building, Protecting & Advancing your University's Brand on Social Media - Naqaash Pirani

For the past 10+ years, Naqaash has been helping organizations navigate the complex world of IT/Digital transformation. His experience has spanned the Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Higher Education, Automotive and Commercial Real Estate sectors. As a Principal Consultant on the Value Realization Team at Hootsuite, his fifth role at the company in three years, Naqaash advises clients on how to build and execute strategic social media programs to improve their customer experience and drive business ROI. Prior to joining Hootsuite, Naqaash was a consultant at PwC where he helped clients develop and execute enterprisewide digital initiatives. He holds an MBA in the Management of Technology and Innovation, and is a certified Project Management and IT Services Professional.

If you want to find out more about attending this year’s conference please visit our conference page or get in touch via email.