A workshop on the actions taken to develop a civic university, led by Cor Jansen, Director of Regional Co-operation and Strategic Alliances for Utrecht University in the Netherlands, during the 2018 UBC conference.

The University of British Columbia, Canada, hosted the 2018 annual conference, attracting university leaders from around the world.

Utrecht University’s strategy is focused on being exclusive and inclusive at the same time: a global world-leading exclusive university (the wings) and a strongly regional rooted inclusive civic university (the feet). In his position as Director Regional Co-operation and Strategic Alliances Utrecht Region at Utrecht University, Cor Jansen is focused on consistently working on the concept of a university with feet: a civic, inclusive and diverse University with a strong and meaningful presence in the region by working together with the Utrecht municipality and the province of Utrecht and a broad range of societal and economic partners in the Utrecht region as well.

In this session, Cor Jansen presents the actions being taken to implement the concept of a Civic University into the Academic Core; he will discuss the importance and impact of this concept for realising a future-proof, world-class and civic university, especially in terms of reputation management.

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2018 UBC Conference Presentation: Workshop 3 - Towards a University with Wings and Feet: Local and Regional Engagement as a Differentiator - Cor Jansen

Since 2017, Cor has served as Director of Regional Co-operation and Strategic Alliances for Utrecht University, working on the concept of the civic and toward a more inclusive and diverse university. Previously, Cor worked at the university as Director, Communication & Marketing for nearly seven years. Prior to Utrecht University, Cor worked in the field of Communication & Marketing for several institutes of higher education, including: University of Groningen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht Community College. He is also President of the Business Peloton Utrecht (BPU). The BPU initiated and supports Utrecht’s ambition of becoming the first city in the world to host all the major world cycling tours: the Giro d’Italia (2010), the Tour de France (2015) and the Vuelta a España in 2020.

If you want to find out more about attending this year’s conference please visit our conference page or get in touch via email.