The W100 Reputation Network Annual Research project, Connections, will launch shortly, with surveys about the role reputation plays in international partnerships going out to leaders in Communications, Marketing and International at members and other global institutions in the next few weeks.

The research aims to analyse how universities are using reputation to determine which organisations to partner with internationally; and how impactful partnerships with global universities and other institutions can be used to drive international reputation.

All W100 members will be receiving surveys for both communications/marketing directors, and staff leading international development offices. When the surveys launch in the next few weeks, please encourage colleagues to fill in the survey; you will be able to check who the survey has been sent to in your organisation, by contacting

In addition to an analysis of the survey results, the Connections research project will be collecting case studies of impactful international partnerships, and developing a checklist for evaluating the reputational impact of potential and existing partnerships.

For more detail on the project, click here.