Research Library

The World 100 Research Library

All of our research reports are stored in the Research Library within our Members' Area.

Research level members of the Network have access to the detailed findings of research projects for each year of membership and summaries of previous research.

Discover members can also access the summaries of research that they participate in. If you are interested in getting more detail, individual reports can be purchased ad-hoc. Please contact for more information.

Access to the Research Library requires a login account. If you are a W100 member but don’t have your login details, please contact


For an overview of each of the projects in the Research Library please use the links below:

Website best practice for world class universities

Structures, strategies and resources for reputational advancement

Rise and Fall: Managing reputation associated with significant world ranking change

Internal communications and staff engagement in world-class universities

How international PhD students choose top universities and interpret reputation and rankings

Choice factors in international Academic job change

The R-Word: Communicating research at world-class universities