2013 Annual Conference, York: Speakers

Day One

Steering institutional strategy to compete internationally. Dr Masako Egawa, Executive Vice President, University of Tokyo, Japan

The future landscape of world-class education: country branding, competition and consumer choice. Kerry-Anne Hoad, Head of Education and Innovation, The British Council, UK

The impact of fees on reputation and student choice. Richard Stenelo, International Marketing Director, Lund University and David Roberts, Director, The Knowledge Partnership

Institutional strategies for globalization. Dr Takeshi Hirose, Associate Professor, Office for Promoting International Education, Kyushu University, Japan and Michael Kurts, Assistant-Vice President, Strategic Communications and Marketing, University of Toronto

Partners: how to choose partners to raise profile. Hilary Layton, Director of Internationalization, The University of York, UK and Sun Wen, Deputy Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Nanjing University, China

Benchmarks for excellence, and what universities need to do to provide an education that is relevant for the future world. Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of the West of Scotland, UK

Global connections. An international policy to support Danish excellence. Professor Mette Thunøe, Dean for Education and Arts, Aarhus University, Denmark

Nobel Prizes and Reputation Simon Pratt, Thomson Reuters and Alan Ferns, Director of Communications, The University of Manchester, UK

Club backing the role and relevance of affinity groups such as the Russell Group, Group of 8, and the Group of 15 in the reputational offer.Tracy Chalk, Director of Marketing, Australian National University, Australia, Dorothy Albrecht, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Monash University, Australia and Andrea Farquhar, ?Assistant Vice-President, Public and Government Relations at McMaster University, Canada

Rankings Workshop Ben Sowter, Head of Division, QS Intelligence Unit, QS

Day Two

Global or disconnected futures? The challenges of communicating and understanding in a segmented world. Lyse Doucet, Chief International Correspondent, The BBC

Across the divides: the University of Cape Town�s challenges and approaches to engaging diverse audiences. Gerda Kruger. Executive Director, Communication and Marketing Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa

World 100 Phd Students - how they choose top universities. Louise Simpson, Director, The World 100 Reputation Network

Major change management: moving communications from Schools to the Centre. The pain and the benefits! Christina Breddam, Deputy Director of Communication and Ulla Gjørling, International Director, Aarhus University, Denmark

Leveraging reputation through place and city communications. Professor Jesper Falkheimer, Department for Strategic Communication, University of Lund, Sweden and Tania Rhodes-Taylor, Director of Marketing and Communications, Queen Mary University of London, UK

People power. Sandra Elliott, International and Marketing Director, Cardiff University, UK and Ellis O'Brien, Director of Communication, University College Dublin, Ireland

Global U: Developing a top 25 higher education brand and the role of sport in reputation building. Matt Schlientz, Director of Communications and Marketing, University of Michigan, USA

A Better Way to Build Brands: How will technology change the way we build brands Joel Lohrey, Industry Head - Education, Government and Non-Profit at Google, UK

Google Workshop: digital solutions applied to universities to improve stakeholder engagement and leverage reputation. Joel Lohrey, Industry Head - Education, Government and Non-Profit at Google, UK

Governance in university communications: Using internal networks to raise quality and create cross school collaboration. Mark Sudbury, Director of Communications and International, UCL, UK and Jasper Steen-Winkel, Director of Communications, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Conducting and measuring research communications. Charlotte Autzen, News Editor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Adam Cresswell and Louise Simpson, The World 100 Reputation Network