A presentation from the 2014 Michigan conference, given by Benjamin Grindlay, Director, Marketing and Communications, The University of Adelaide.

The presentation was entitled ‘Seeking the Right Note; Adelaide’s New Brand Campaign Drawing on Light and Music’.

Responding to a new strategic plan, which drew strength from founding values to fulfil research and teaching aspirations, a successful brand campaign was developed showcasing the distinctness of the University.

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2014 Michigan Conference presentation: Seeking the Right Note; Adelaide’s New Brand Campaign Drawing on Light and Music

Benjamin Grindlay joined The University of Adelaide in 2009 after more than a decade of working for top-tier marketing and research consultancies, both domestically and internationally. His specific area of expertise is the understanding of major market trends that impact on the sustainability and profitability of organisations. In his current role, Benjamin leads the development and implementation of marketing and communication strategies that help achieve the University’s goals and build its reputation. With a PhD in Psychology and a passion for understanding human behavior, Benjamin combines research with innovative ways of solving marketing problems.

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