In 2015 The World 100 Reputation Network hosted it's first Discover event, designed to showcase the network to institutions in certain areas of the world and network member perspectives.

2015’s Discover event was based in Amsterdam and featured presentations from network members. This presentation was given by Ulla Gjørling, International Director at Aarhus University and provided her perspective of the network.

Ulla gave an overview of the benefits of World 100 Research Projects:

  • Benchmarking against leading international universities
  • Access to otherwise inaccessible data
  • Influence future research themes
  • Provide networking opportunities with other strong, research-intensive universities

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member you can visit our membership page, or contact Mark Sudbury, Head of Global Network Development at the World 100.

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Discover Amsterdam 2015: Member Perspectives Presentation - Ulla Gjorling

Ulla Gjørling, International Director, Aarhus University, has prime responsibility for the International Centre and its activities. The International Centre provides services for student and staff mobility in and out of AU. Prior to her job at Aarhus University, Ulla worked with evaluation and assessment within the educational sector, as an expert on blended learning with the Ministry of Education and as an editor of multimedia for education.