In 2015 The World 100 Reputation Network hosted it's first Discover event, designed to showcase the network to institutions in certain areas of the world and showcase the network's events.

2015’s Discover event was based in Amsterdam and featured presentations from network members. This presentation was given by Lars Uhlin, Head of Branding Office, within Corporate Communications at Lund University and provided an overview of the network’s events and their value.

Lars summed up the benefits of network and the network events in the following way:

  • There are many networks but this is targeting:
    • The right questions
    • The right people
    • The right places
  • These are our peers – we need to understand
    • Different conditions – same communication issues
  • Face-to-face is the start when developing long-lasting relations
    • Benchmarking – the sample is already done and the  source is reliable
    • ”Personal study tours”
  • And it’s fun, too!

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member you can visit our membership page, or contact Mark Sudbury, Head of Global Network Development at the World 100.

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2015 Discover Amsterdam: Network Events Presentation - Lars Uhlin

Lars Uhlin has been with Lund University for eight years and is currently holding the position as Head of Branding Office, within Corporate Communications. Lars is responsible for supporting the main brand at a highly decentralised university. Before joining Lund University, Lars has worked at three different consultancy firms within PR and management