W100 members continue to perform well in the latest Social Media Engagement Rankings covering the month of February.  

The Rankings, which cover engagement across 5 key platforms for the world’s top 450 universities, are published quarterly (see link below) – but members can purchase detailed reports by contacting Lisa Bould W100 Research Manager l.bould@theworld100.com

W100 analysis of the latest performance in February 2020 shows that the University of Wollongong ranked first amongst the top 450 global universities for post-interaction on Facebook, with 3 other W100 members, Navarra, TCD and York all in the top 10.

On twitter, 13 W100 Members featured in the top 100 for conversation rate, including University of Exeter ranking 12th , and Queen’s University Belfast ranking 23rd.

On Instagram, 10 Members in the top 100 Profile Performance Index, with UBC ranked 10th for and Eindhoven University of Technology ranked 15thout of 470.

Newcastle University ranked 11th in the Profile Performance Index on Linkedin.

Click here for the last quarterly social media engagement rankings; a sample report to demonstrate the customised detailed reporting is available here.

Social Media Rankings - February 2020