A workshop from the 2015 Sydney conference, hosted Katherine Ma, Director of Communications, The University of Hong Kong and Eilis O’Brien, Director of Communication and Marketing, University College Dublin (UCD).

The workshop was themed around ‘Trouble in Paradise: Managing reputation from near and far’. 

Katherine and Eilis looked at two recent and ongoing crises of place – the student activism in Hong Kong, and the balcony collapse in Berkley, California, involving UCD students.

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2015 Sydney Conference Presentation: Eilis O'Brien and Katherine Ma- Trouble in Paradise: Managing reputation from near and far

Katherine is in charge of The University of Hong Kong’s communication strategies and stakeholder relationship management, and holds the custodianship of the University’s reputation and brand.

Katherine acts as a counsel to the management in strategic communications. Her team of 26 is responsible for the University’s international and local media relations, public affairs, ceremonies and events, the university website, social media, online and print publications, editorial services, and productions.

In recent years, Katherine has helped the University develop a system of risk assessment and communication practice for University events which typically involve political controversy and University personnel.

Eilis has held a number of senior communication and marketing roles in a variety of sectors including finance, natural gas, food safety, and health. Her experience covers the public and private sectors.

In addition to her marketing experience in brand identity and corporate reputation, she has extensive strategic and operational experience in running media and corporate public relations operations with a high degree of crisis management.

Before joining UCD, Eilis held a similar role at Dublin City University. Prior to that, she was the Director of Communication, Education, and Training during the start up phase of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

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