A workshop from the 2016 Dublin conference, hosted by Richard Cook, Manager, External Benchmarking, University of Sydney. 

The workshop was entitled ‘Insights From Rankings For Impactful Research Communications’.

The workshop offered a research-oriented perspective to examine the synergies between research analytics, marketing, and communications. It explored the the mutual benefits of collaboration between research offices and marketing to develop meaningful stories out of the global rankings

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2016 Dublin Conference: Workshop 3. Insights from rankings for impactful research communications - Richard Cook, University of Sydney

Richard leads a team responsible for the strategic reporting of research performance and global rankings. Working closely with the Research Portfolio, faculties and Marketing and Communications divisions, Richard’s team provides strategic advice on the use and interpretation of research performance data.

Prior to joining The University of Sydney, Richard worked for Bain & Company, a leading global management consultancy. He worked as head teaching consultant at Brown University and conducted research in Astrophysics and Cosmology. He has a PhD in Physics from Brown University and an MSci in Astrophysics from University College London.

The W100 Annual Conference 2016 took place at University College Dublin (UCD) in Dublin, Ireland, from 6 – 7 October. Eilis O’Brien, Director of Marketing and Communications, University College Dublin, was our host. The conference focused on how universities communicate their university reputation and research through storytelling and cultural heritage.

The theme focus, ‘Higher Narrative: Communicating University Reputation and Research through Storytelling, Culture and Heritage’, is one the Irish might rightly argue to be experts in, and it explored how you create interest in your present and future, through good brand narratives, compelling research stories and social media.

If you want to find out more about attending this year’s conference please visit our conference page or get in touch via email.