We first visited this topic in 2008 when we gathered valuable insight into reputation management from 95 external relations and international directors working in world-class universities across the globe.

We believe this was the first survey of its kind to scope the reputation and communications processes of World 100 universities. 40% of all directors of communications (or nearest role) and 29% of international directors responded – an exceedingly high response rate to an international survey with reputational issues at its core.

Structures, strategies and resources for reputational advancement 2008/09 – Introduction

Structures, strategies and resources for reputational advancement - Report Part 2: Directors of Communications

Structures, strategies and resources for reputational advancement – Part 3: Directors of International Relations

The positive response shows a great deal of interest in benchmarking against truly world class universities, a need for a greater understanding of the conception of reputation, and international communications, and a desire for networking amongst the group. We were also pleased to see a wide range of universities responding, including five ranked in the World Top 10: Yale, MIT, Chicago, UCL and Imperial.

We revisited the topic for our 2014/15 research project to see how things had developed since our initial surveys. This time around our surveys were complemented by video interviews with four senior directors and a series of case studies from additional qualitative interviews (available in the Members’ Area).

Please note that access to the videos is restricted to W100 Network members and a password is required. If you are a member and do not have the password please contact research@theworld100.com).

Members received an added bonus report comparing their survey responses to the wider set.