Presentations from the 2013 York conference, given by Charlotte Autzen, News Editor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Adam Cresswell & Louise Simpson, World 100 Reputation Network.

Charlotte Autzen’s presentation was entitled ‘Conducting and measuring international research communications’. The presentation looked at conducting and measuring international research communications and the special challenge this presents for non-English speaking universities.

Louise and Adam’s presentation was entitled ‘Which research stories catch the world’s media attention?’ This session examined how the media creates stories out of research, increasing its impact with the public. How can universities increase the impact of their press releases and catch the attention of the media and the public?

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York 2013 Conference Presentation: Conducting and measuring international research communications

York 2013 Conference Presentation: Which research stories catch the world’s media attention?

Charlotte Autzen is Senior Executive Adviser in the Communication Department at the University of Copenhagen, where she is head of the team that coordinates both internal and external communication at the university.

Charlotte has a background in physics and science communication. After working ten years as a weather forecaster at the national meteorological institute and another ten years as weather presenter and science programme planner on national television, Charlotte started as a communications officer at the university, where she has worked for the last eight years.

As part of her current job, she is also doing a PhD study exploring strategies behind international research communication from universities.

Adam Cresswell has been a Market Researcher at The Knowledge Partnership since graduating from Aston University in 2009. He has been highly involved with the World 100 Reputation Network, organising the first annual conference at The University of Hong Kong in 2010. He has also worked on a number of research projects for the Network, including WASP, a website analysis tool and Aurora, the media impact monitoring service.

If you want to find out more about attending this year’s conference please visit our conference page or get in touch via email.