Presentation from the 2013 York conference, given by Kerry-Anne Hoad, Head of Education and Innovation, The British Council, UK.

The presentation was entitled ‘The future landscape of world-class education: country branding, competition, and consumer choice’, in which Hoad examined the landscape of higher education. Specifically, this involved looking at enrollment figures and how universities can cater to consumer choice by meeting the needs of its students.

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York 2013 Conference Presentation: The future landscape of world-class education: country branding, competition and consumer choice - Kerry-Anne Hoad

Kerry-Anne Hoad has a lifelong commitment to education and has taught at all levels of education from early childhood education and school education to higher education in Australia and in higher education in the UK. Kerry-Anne’s research work, publications and conference presentations are in the areas of early childhood education, disability education, deafness studies and effective teaching and learning.

Prior to joining the British Council in September 2012 Kerry-Anne was with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) where she was the inaugural Director of the ACER Institute which she took from a start-up to a successful business delivering unique and innovative accredited higher education courses across Australia. She was also the inaugural Director of the ACER International Institute which she established as a bespoke service for the design and delivery of high level courses for policy makers, systems officials and education managers internationally.

Kerry-Anne is committed to improving quality, access, excellence and enterprise in education at all levels through the stimulation of creativity and innovation in practice and policy that is grounded in research and focused on student learning.

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