How Universities are supporting society in challenging times

Universities are now mobilising to be part of the wider COVID-19 response and communicators are sharing stories of how institutions are support society; we look at some key examples from our members.

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When viral is good – Social media during the pandemic

Social media platforms have become crucial in the response of universities to the pandemic, and the latest analysis from the W100 Social Media Rankings shows that our members are stepping up to the mark.

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Battle stations: How university communicators are responding to coronavirus

World 100 Reputation Network members are on the front-line in the response to impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global higher education. We spoke to senior global colleagues to understand the key role that communications, marketing and international teams are playing as universities grapple with the challenges.

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The coronavirus – proving the value of reputation and online learning?

Whilst scientists and researchers battle to develop a cure for the coronavirus, higher education institutions are facing one of the toughest challenges ever. It goes without saying that the number one objective is to keep students and staff safe, but the business repercussions are now being felt keenly. 

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