On Thursday the 23rd April Mark Sudbury was joined by Chair of the W100 Committee, Andrea Farquhar for a webinar focussing on communications in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar focussed on these key areas:

  • Internal communications and crisis management; What are the challenges for communicators? What are the Processes that should be put in place?
  • How comms teams are promoting the role of universities in supporting society
  • The reputational benefits of communicating their university’s research on COVID-19

As well as these areas we also took questions from attendees.

Members can watch a recording of the webinar by logging in below.

About the Speakers

Andrea Farquhar

Andrea leads a team at McMaster University that is responsible for strategic reputational management, marketing, and media relations, digital media communications, fundraising communications, and the alumni magazine, government and community relations, and internal communications. Her early career was in media, where she was a reporter and newsreader.

Andrea shared insight and experiences of how McMaster have tackled the challenges of COVID-19.

Mark Sudbury

Mark is W100’s Head of Global Network Development. He led communications and marketing activity at University College London (UCL) for nearly 10 years, helping to build reputation and establish it as a global brand. He has presented at conferences around the world on university reputation, communications, and marketing. He has also played key roles in the networks of Communications Directors at the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and the Russell Group.

Earlier in his career, Mark worked for the UK government where he managed communications around legislation which led to a ban on smoking in public places. He was Head of Public Affairs at the Football Association, the governing body for soccer in England, and started his career at the University of Sussex.

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